Test the water

Jackie McKeay, RWR project co-ordinator explains why we’re encouraging people to stop buying bottled water and turn to the tap: “Britons consume an astonishing two billion litres of bottled water every year and the bottles left over would fill the new Wembley Stadium twice over. Sadly fewer than ten percent of these bottles are recycled, the rest end up in landfill taking hundreds of years to decompose.”

“We want people to understand that London’s tap water is cheap, convenient and safe. Crucially, it’s a more sustainable alternative to bottled water and is just as good for you.”

If you want to join hundreds of other people and ditch bottled water then follow these five simple rules.

  1. Drink tap water in place of bottled water
  2. Drink two litres of tap water a day to keep yourself hydrated
  3. Avoid buying any bottled water from shops or restaurants
  4. Use a reusable bottle to carry tap water with you
  5. Avoid drinking water from water cooler systems